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Android: View.getTag/setTag and IllegalArgumentException

Yes, I know you need a unique resource id when calling the version of these functions that requires a key, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to create a resource id that can be used in this way. A final variable in my class wont work and neither will a hard coded value. Both threw an IllegalArgumentException. So what gives, how do you use these methods?


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From the Javadoc:

The specified key should be an id declared in the resources of the application to ensure it is unique.

So you can't just make up values and place them in a local variable.

Every resource you create whether it's a string (R.string.*), or a layout (R.layout.*) or an individual View (*) can have an ID. This is something you must be doing already.

If you do need to store multiple objects against a single View, then you need to use the variant as a key, like someView.setKey(, someObject).

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