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Convert pandas (python) categorical x-axis to continuous values when plotting

I am plotting a pandas series in python using the matplotlib

command (i.e.
, where
is my series). Part of the series is as follows:

(1, 1.1] 0.000000
(1.1, 1.2] 0.000000
(1.2, 1.3] 0.000000
(1.3, 1.4] 0.003115
(1.4, 1.5] 0.002625
(1.5, 1.6] 0.000000
(1.6, 1.7] 0.001464
... ...
(4.9, 5.0] 0.737385
Name: series, dtype: float64

A plot of my dataframe is shown here (the red line in this case). I want the x-axis to go from 1.0 to 5.0 instead of showing the bin categories. How can I achieve this? Using
doesn't seem to work.

Answer Source

Where does the series come from? Usually, I have a big dataframe of continuous-valued columns X and Y, and then define X-binss according to X values. After that, group by X-bins to calculate average (or weighted average, or sum, or any other aggregation function) of Y to get the series like yours. If that's the case, I would suggest calculate mean of X in this process and plot against average X instead of X-bins. This will be more precise than taking left/right end points or mid-points of the bins for plotting. E.g.,

df['Xbin'] = pd.cut(df['X'], np.arange(0,10,0.1))

Instead of

ser = df.groupby('Xbin')['Y'].mean()


df2 = df.groupby('Xbin')[['X','Y']].mean()
df2.plot(x='X', y='Y')
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