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CSS Question

css: dir="rtl" VS style="direction:rtl"

I know how to style when the direction is inline

<div dir="rtl">foo</div>


But how to style

<div style="direction:rtl">foo</div> ?

Both behaves as expected (right "alignment" of text) but I need finer tweaking for some elements inside (float, text-align...) and I can't set up my rule correctly in the second case.

I can't edit the html. So I must use the second one.

Answer Source

As you can't modify the HTML, a really really hacky selector would be:

div[style*="direction:rtl"] {

JSFiddle demo.

Note that I'm using style*= as opposed to just style= as this will also match elements which have more than just direction:rtl declared within the element's style property.

For extra strength in the selector, you could also use [style*="direction: rtl"] to handle style attributes which separate the values from the properties with a space:

[style*="direction:rtl"], [style*="direction: rtl"] { ... }

Alternatively in this case you could just match on a style attribute which contains "rtl", as I'm pretty sure this combination of characters isn't used in any other property (ignoring external resources like background image file names):

[style*="rtl"] { ... }

Updated JSFiddle demo.

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