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C# Question

C# QueryExpression inner enumerator

I have an array of strings with e-mails, comma separated. Example:

string[] array = new [] {

I would like an query expression which would allow me to enumerate throug all three e-mail adresses (test@test.com is an duplicate): "test@test.com, test2@test.com, stack@test.com"

My base attempt is following

var enum = array.Select((item) => item.Split(';'));

The result is (of course) an enumerator with 2 items each containing an array with 2 items.

I don't know how to name that what I want and so I wasn't able to find an answer via google. If you could give me a hint or something I would be very grateful.

Answer Source

You're most likely looking for LINQ SelectMany method :

var enum = array
           .SelectMany(item => item.Split(';'))

This will return a string array with unique emails.

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