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JSON Question

AFNetworking 2.0 post not working well

I use AFNetworking to post some JSON data to the server, and the server will response with the same JSON data.

Here is the objc code:

AFHTTPRequestOperationManager *manager = [AFHTTPRequestOperationManager manager];
manager.responseSerializer = [AFJSONResponseSerializer serializer];
manager.requestSerializer = [AFJSONRequestSerializer serializer];
[manager.requestSerializer setValue:@"application/json" forHTTPHeaderField:@"Content-Type"];
[manager.requestSerializer setValue:@"application/json" forHTTPHeaderField:@"Accept"];
[manager POST:@"" parameters:@{@"value":@(1)} success:^(AFHTTPRequestOperation *operation, id responseObject) {
NSLog(@"JSON:%@", responseObject);
} failure:^(AFHTTPRequestOperation *operation, NSError *error) {

The server code (use Flask):

@app.route('/test', methods = ['POST'])
def test():
resultJson = json.dumps(request.json)
response = make_response(resultJson)
return response

Wnen I run the code,it occurred an error:

Error Domain=com.alamofire.error.serialization.response Code=-1016 "Request failed: unacceptable content-type: text/html" UserInfo=0x7febc2d33560 {com.alamofire.serialization.response.error.response= { URL: } { status code: 200, headers {
"Content-Length" = 12;
"Content-Type" = "text/html; charset=utf-8";
Date = "Mon, 02 Feb 2015 01:10:55 GMT";
Server = "Werkzeug/0.9.6 Python/2.7.6";
} }, NSErrorFailingURLKey=,<7b227661 6c756522 3a20317d>, NSLocalizedDescription=Request failed: unacceptable content-type: text/html}

I cannot understand why the status code is 200 since there is an error, and why the error message shows that the Content-Type is text/html, I have set the Content-Type to application/json in my Objective-C code above.

However, things work well when I use VisualJSON(a Mac app).

Answer Source

You returned JSON data as a response, but your assumption that you set Content-Type is incorrect. Create a response instance with the mimetype set to 'application/json'.

from flask import request, json

@app.route('/test', methods=['POST'])
def test():
    data = json.dumps(request.get_json())
    resp = app.response_class(data, mimetype='application/json')
    return resp
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