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Javascript Question

Highcharts - how to disable color change on mouseover/hover

I have a Highcharts columnrange chart for which I'd like to disable the color change on mouseover or hover.

I've seen others ask similar questions, and I tried to adding this section of code (which didn't fix the problem):

series: {
states: {
hover: {
enabled: false

Here's the chart's entire code:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer Source

Add that code to the series object you already have.

series: [{
  type: 'columnrange',
  color: '#00FFFF',
  name: '25th to 75th percentile',
  states: { hover: { enabled: false } }, // Here is where it goes
  data: [
    [27000, 55100],
    [25900, 58500]
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