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Swift Question

“file not found” in Bridging Header when importing Objective-C frameworks into Swift project by CocoaPod

I got a swift project ,and use CocoaPod to import the third part repositories. In pod file I use

, so the repositories will build into framework to use. And I import the ObjC framework like
#import ""
#import <>
in my Bridging Header.

In this situation, I run the project, it works. but When I archive, “file not found” is found in Bridging Header file.

`BridgingHeader.h:5:9: error: 'RESideMenu/RESideMenu.h>' file not found
#import <RESideMenu/RESideMenu.h>
<unknown>:0: error: failed to import bridging header 'xxx-Bridging-Header'`


`failed to import bridging header '/Users/xxx/Documents/xxxProjectName/xxxProjectName/xxxProjectName-Bridging-Header.h'`

How can i solve the problem?

Answer Source

My solution is :
Do not import the ObjC framework in bridging header file, just import the framework in the files in which the framework is needed. just like:
import xxxframework

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