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React JSX Question

Graph API doesn't return user info on GET/page/feed, only post_id, datetime, and message

Is there a way to request the full info related to a post through the graph API? When I do a GET request facebook responds with the created_time, id, and message only. I've even looked for a way to request the info on a separate request passing in the post id, but it looks like post searches were removed in API v2+. It seems that there should be a way to structure the request that I can ask for specific fields, such as likes, and more importantly the name of the person posting.

Graph.get('<Page_id>/feed', function(err, response){

If I include
&field={username || user-id || user}
or any other logical query I get a 400 response. I'm sure it's possible, I'm probably just overlooking something in the docs. Any help appreciated!

Answer Source

You need to use field expansion to get more fields, the parameter is called "fields", not "field":

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