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TFS Code Versioning

We use TFS for source control and would like to control source versions.

For example, we sell our app which is MyProduct 1.0 to a customer, but the customer has not buy maintanance support, that means we are not giving an updated version of the MyProduct.

Well, after a while, we have been developing MyProduct 2.6 and then at the same time, the customer realises there is a bug in MyProduct 1.0. So they ask for a bug fix. As mentionend earlier, we have been developing version 2.6 and there is no code for 1.0 anymore.

I know that TFS has history feauture but I cant see there versions, it is only based on commits.

If we consider Github that provides Releases (code) with versions. Such as

Well when i click "Releases" menu, i can see all code releases with versions and i can download what i want as SOURCE CODE.

So has TFS that kind of feature?

Secondly, we use also TFS builds. Is it possible to create builds according the versions? For example, If i have myproduct 1.0 and myproduct 2.6, i will be able to create build for any version that i want.

PS: We do not want to create bunch of branches!

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TFS supports creating tags for history commits in VS, and you can push the tag to TFS with command line git push --tags (currently there’s no a default option in VS 2015 IDE to push commit tags):

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After creating tags, you'll see them on the right of history:

enter image description here

Regarding build, you can specify the commit you want to build when queue a build:

enter image description here