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Get class name of executed static function without namespace


in PHP from a static function gives you the class name of the function, including the namespace if called from outside that namespace, it seems.

Is there a way to acquire the class name without the namespace?

(Obviously I understand that it would be possible to examine the string returned by
and do some hackish stuff, but I am hoping there is a less hackish way to do it)

Answer Source

Acquiring the class name without a namespace

Yes, you can do it using the ReflectionClass. Since your question relates to doing this from within a static method, you can get the class name like so:

$reflect = new \ReflectionClass(get_called_class());

This uses the ReflectionClass constructor by passing a string with the fully namespaced name of the class to be inspected.

There is a similar question at How do I get an object's unqualified (short) class name? however it does not refer to doing this within a static method and so the examples pass an instantiated object to the ReflectionClass constructor.

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