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CSS Question

Spree 3.1 CSS path for .spree-header background-image

In Spree 3.1 Standard Themes (out of the box)

I tried to change background image.But not work. Perhaps the path is wrong. Help need.
Here what I did.

  1. Upload image to be

  2. Add css in


background-image: url("/assets/images/NewBackGroundImage.png");
background-size: cover;
margin-bottom: 10px;

  1. Here my inspect of the current page
    enter image description here

This part is my attached screen shots for my comment of the answer below.

Page Inspect
Files Tree


As I can see, your page doesn't use your styles at all. Are you sure the div tag has the class "spree-header". Because in your browser it only has id "spree-header" and nothing about the respective class. Try to replace it from .spree-header to #spree-header. If there might be confrontation between styles, then you can always try the usage of !important tag: url(...) !important;

If the folder "vendors" is in the "app" folder, then you can use the relative path url("../../../../../assets/images/NewBackGroundImage.png") as well