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Multiple true condition in ifelse command

In R we use ifelse(test, yes, no) command. The problem which i am facing is if a codiation comes out to be true i need to perform various statement, for example


So I am giving two condition if fp$month = 1.those conditions are sum(fp$sales_1),sum(fp$sales_2), but R is recognising second comma. How to give multiple true condiations?

the example is

a <- "01"
b <- c(1,2,3,4,5,6)
c <- c(12,13,1234,1334,23)
d <- ifelse(a=="01",(sum(b),sum(c)),0)

here i want if the "a" value is "01" then i want sum of vector b and c. but i am getting error :-

Error: unexpected ',' in "d <- ifelse(a=="01",(sum(b),"_

The expected output is :-
[1] 21 2616

Answer Source

This works:

a <- "01" 
ifelse(a=="01", d <- c(sum(b),sum(c)), d <- 0)
#[1]   21 2616

a <- "02"
ifelse(a=="01", d <- c(sum(b),sum(c)), d <-0)
#[1] 0
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