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Ruby On Rails: jQuery datepicker only works when refresh page

The problem I am having is that when I navigate through the form page and I click on the date_sent on my text field, jQuery is supposed to pop-up a datepicker. However, I get nothing at first, but when I refresh the page it works.

I am almost sure that my problem is with turbolinks, because I assume that my JavaScript does not get loaded because of turbolinks. However, I do not want to remove turbolinks because my page renders slow without it. How can I make this work?


//= require jquery
//= require jquery-ui/datepicker
//= require jquery_ujs
//= require bootstrap-sprockets
//= require cocoon
//= require turbolinks
//= require_tree .


*= require_self
*= require jquery-ui/datepicker
*= require_tree .

@import 'bootstrap-sprockets';
@import 'bootstrap';
@import 'sites';

jQuery ->


<div class="form-group" >
<%= f.label :date_sent, class: 'control-label' %><br>
<%= f.text_field :date_sent, id: 'send_date' %>

Answer Source

Did you try turbolinks:load event ?

$(document).on "turbolinks:load", -> 


$(document).ready, -> 
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