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Sass/Compass compile into many locations

I'm using Sass 3.1.10 with Compass 0.11.5. I need to compile my compass project into many diffrent locations (css_dir) due some structural reasons. Currently I compile all files for each path by hand. Is there a way to compile into many locations at the same time?

my config.rb looks like this:

http_path = "/"

css_dir = "skin/main/css"
#css_dir = "uc/main/css"
#css_dir = "skin/abstract/css"
#css_dir = "skin/ksv/css"

sass_dir = "sass"

images_dir = "images"
javascripts_dir = "javascripts"

output_style = :compressed

preferred_syntax = :sass

Answer Source

I wrote a simple shell script to compile to a given path:

echo "* Compiling all CSS"

echo "***** START";
cd /mainworkspace/www/

echo "***** compiling into skin1";
compass compile --time --css-dir=skin1/main/css --output-style compressed --force;

echo "***** compiling into skin2";
compass compile --time --css-dir=skin2/main/css --output-style compressed --force;

echo "***** compiling into uc skin";
compass compile --time --css-dir=uc/main/css --output-style compressed --force;

echo "***** END";

update: added some params for production. Here you can find many other optional params: http://compass-style.org/help/documentation/configuration-reference/

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