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VB.NET - Hiding Form on Load

So theres a few questions on this but they all give the same answer

which "works" if you count that when it loads, It will SHOW but then will hide seconds after which makes a weird Shadow-y-Laggy Effect.

(The small Window that shows and almost instantly hides is the window im trying to NEVER show)

Is there a way to actually hide the WHOLE form upon load? I know of the whole VisibilityCore method but with that I cant find a way to show it again at a later point.

So is there a way to hide it so it NEVER shows unless I tell it to Show?

Currently im using "Hide() combined with Form.Show Method".

Answer Source

If you set the form's Opacity property to 0 (through the Property Window) you shouldn't have this problem.

When you want to show the form (if it's going to be shown at all) just set the opacity back to 1.0.

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