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Does GIT support push to an ftp server?

I believe git ftp support is a somewhat recent addition, but the git push docs do clearly state that "Git natively supports ssh, git, http, https, ftp, ftps, and rsync protocols." (emphasis added)

However, others have asked what to do if git fails to push to ftp server, and I am having exactly the same problem.

So -- can anyone definitively state whether or not "git push" works with the ftp protocol?

If yes ... then can anyone answer that other question? :-)

If no ... is this in the works, or should I be looking at git-ftp?

I'm using git under Windows.

Many thanks for any info or advice! (BTW, I had this question all nicely hyperlinked, but as a lowly 1-rank I only get one link, so had to remove the others ...)

Answer Source

No, Git does not support a push to an FTP server, only clone and fetch. This was previously answered.

But there are several tools to upload your code to an FTP server that work with Git.

  • Git-ftp - A shell script that uploads your current commit. It stores the last uploaded commit id and uploads only changed files.
  • ezyang/git-ftp - A python script that uploads commits as well. It comes with a post-receive hook to deploy from a bare repository. But the last commit is more than three years old.
  • PHPloy - A php script that also uploads only changed files by storing the commit id.
  • Grunt-git-ftp - A Grunt script that uploads only changed files as well.
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