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How to fail gradle build on Javadoc warnings

I'm using Java 7 (though compiliing using 1.6) to compile classes, and the javadocs. I've eliminated all javadoc warnings which come up, but the idea is to have the build fail if there are any javadoc warnings.

Using Java 8, this is the default behaviour. BUT, it's also a lot more strict when it comes to warnings (we don't want warnings if a method doesn't list all @params, or @returns). Plus, I don't see the company moving to 8 anytime soon, so it's a moot point.

I was hoping there was some easy flag to set to have gradle fail if there are warnings (there's only failonError). What I was thinking, was to scrape the console output of the javadoc process. If that output contains WARNINGS, then I know there are warnings, and the build should fail.

Here's my javadoc block in my build.gradle:

task gendocs(type: Javadoc) {
options.stylesheetFile = new File("./assets/doc_style.css")
options.windowTitle = "OurTitle"
options.memberLevel = JavadocMemberLevel.PROTECTED
options.author = true
options.linksOffline('http://d.android.com/reference', System.getenv("ANDROID_HOME") + '/docs/reference')
String v = "${SEMVER}"
version = v.replace("_", '.')
destinationDir = new File("${BUNDLE_FOLDER}/docs/api")
source = sourceSets.main.allJava
classpath += configurations.compile

So, if there isn't an easier way to do this, how do I check the console output of javadoc to scrape it?

Answer Source

note: i've totally replaced my original answer, because i've found a better one - which is not that ugly:

import org.gradle.logging.internal.OutputEvent
import org.gradle.logging.internal.OutputEventListener

            // regular javadoc task configuration

            def outputEvents = []
            def listener=new OutputEventListener(){
                    void onOutput(OutputEvent event){
                        outputEvents << event
            doFirst {
            doLast {
                outputEvents.each { e ->
                    if(e.toString() =~ " warning: "){
                        throw new GradleException("You have some javadoc warnings, please fix them!");
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