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Javascript Question

How do a normal function and arrow function differ around _proto_ constructors?

let anonymous = function () {
return 'hello'

let f = () => 'world';

console.log(new anonymous['__proto__'].constructor());
console.log(new f['__proto__'].constructor());


Both functions return a function with the name is
when I try to create new instance of it.

My question: when I call
function, why doesn't it hit to the second constructor (arrow function)?


The [[Prototype]] of both functions is Function.prototype. In that sense, function expressions and arrow functions do not differ.

let anonymous = function () {
  return 'hello'
let f = () => 'world';
console.log(Object.getPrototypeOf(anonymous) === Function.prototype); // true
console.log(Object.getPrototypeOf(f) === Function.prototype); // true

And Function.prototype.constructor is of course Function.

So you are doing new Function(), which creates a function which does nothing. That useless function is called anonymous because it has no name, but it's not the function in the anonymous variable.