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jQuery Question

Why do the rating stars start on a new line?

I have implemented rateYo's rating plug-in, which I really like. I am confounded by why the stars insist on breaking into a new line. My test-site illustrates the problem.

I tried styling the div with "display: inline" and "inline-block" as well as "whitespace: nowrap" to no avail. I also tried styling the label with "display: inline". There isn't an option for the plugin relating to this issue. What am I missing?

<label for="min-rating" >Minimum Rating:</label>
<div id="min-rating"></div>

If you elect to downvote this question, please include a reason so I can learn from my mistakes.

Answer Source

By default, divs have display: block which makes it start on a new line. If you add this to your CSS it will work:

#min-rating {
    display: inline-block;
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