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Google Analytic Page View with Modal/Overlay Ajax Content

I am setting up a WordPress tool where the user clicks a link, and a single post is pulled from the database and inserted into a modal/overlay. (exactly like

Now, since the user is not visiting the actual page, I am assuming there is no way to track it as a "page view" to get the "time spent on page" and other important page-related stats.

I do know that I can track the URL event, but just tracking the URL click is not enough.

Is there a way to achieve tracking the modal content as a page view for the actual post URL pulled into the modal? Thanks in advance.

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This is possible, but not easy to answer without seeing the code that calls your overlay.

Basically you would look if your modal function provides a callback (a javascript function that is run after the code has executed) and provide a "virtual pageview", i.e. run a pageview call and pass in a custom path that indicates the modal window:

ga('send', 'pageview', '/modal/path/to/post/');

The path you provided as extra parameter will appear in your content reports as a page. If you also want to provide a title (or override any other field in GA) you can pass a JSON object as third parameter:

ga('send', 'pageview', {
    title:'my title' 

Since this is tagged ajax - you can put the pageview into the callback for the ajax success event so it will be fired only when the page is actually loaded.

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