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Jquery doesn't update an attribute as expected

I have an MVC App and on one of my pages as part of the display I will render one of two partials based on a user selection of a radio button. This bit all works ok, but I have a button on the main form where I need to set/reset values that will be passed to my controller based on the user selection. The button is declared on my main form as:

@Html.GlobalModalAuthorizeButton("Upload Document", "Upload", "Documents", new { serviceUserId = Model.ServiceUser.Id, folderId = Model.CurrentFolderId, viewType = Model.ViewTypes.ToString() }, new { @class = "icon upload btn-primary" })

when this page is initially rendered the viewtype is set to the default view that the user is initially presented with. when the user changes the view the viewtype doesn't seem to get updated. So from the partial that has been loaded I try to set the value to the correct value. Using the Chrome browsers Developer tools if I do the following:

$(this).parent().parent().parent().parent().find($('.upload')).attr('data-url').replace('FileView', 'TreeView');

it returns in the console window the value I want (idea is that i set the value on the button before the user presses it). The trouble is the above doesn't really seem to have changed the data-url attribute on the button so consequently when the controller is hit, 'FileView' is still passed through.

Answer Source

For full attribute:

var new_attr = "/ServiceUser/Documents/Upload?serviceUserId=21&viewType=FileView";

$(this).parent().parent().parent().parent().find($('.upload')).attr('data-url', new_attr); 

Or, as @Rup already suggested, you should first get the original attribute value, modify that using replace method and then reassign the new_attr.

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