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Joining Entities on query in Doctrine 2

I am trying to join two entities in one advanced query in Doctrine 2. I am working with Zend Framework 2.

Unfortunately I have a hard time to find heads and tails in what I'm doing right now.

Here is what I have got in ZF2:

  • I have build a module that is called
    , that I am going to use for categorize all kinds of contents on the site.

  • It is attached to a event called categorize, which will get a entity type

Categorizer has 2 Entities:

var id
var name
var objects

var id
var entityName
var module
var entityId
var category

is bound by ManyToOne to

Then I need to bind the entity manually to the Object->entityId, I think I should be able to do this by using join in Doctrine 2.
But I am not sure where to start or how to get a grip on it.
I hope somebody can get me started and show me in the right direction, I looked at the Doctrine documentation, but got more confused than I should.

Answer Source

There are several ways to achieve what you want.

1. Add a fetch="EAGER to the relation definition

To do this add a fetch="EAGER" to the entity definition in your Object.

 * @var Category
 * @ORM\ManyToOne(targetEntity="Application\Entity\Category", inversedBy="objects", fetch="EAGER")
 * @ORM\JoinColumn(name="category_id", referencedColumnName="id", nullable=true)
protected $category;

Eager loading is mentioned in the documentation here and here.

2. Write a custom DQL query in your Object repository and do a fetch join:

 * Find object using DQL with a category joined.
 * @param int $id
 * @return Building|null
public function findObject($id)
    $entityManager = $this->getEntityManager();
    $query = $entityManager->createQuery(
        "SELECT o, c FROM Object o JOIN o.category c WHERE o.id = :id"
    $query->setParameter('id', $id);

These kind of joins are explained in the documentation here. Watch the difference between fetch-join and regular joins.

3. Or use Doctrine QueryBuilder in your Object repository to get the same result:

 * Find object using query builder with a category joined.
 * @param int $id
 * @return Building|null
public function findObject($id)
    $queryBuilder = $this->createQueryBuilder('o')
        ->leftJoin('o.category', 'c')
    return = $queryBuilder->getQuery()->getOneOrNullResult();

Be aware that If you want to fetch-join you also need to add the addSelect condition to the query, otherwise it is a regular join.

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