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Ruby How to access a "key" of a two-dimensional array?

I have an array like that which I use in when updating a user profile

SEX = [["Male", 'M'],
["Female", 'F']]

I'd use a hash but I couldn't make it work at all with a select thing. So I have a select dropdown with values "Male" and "Female" and it assigns a value of "M" or "F" to user variable :sex. Now, when showing the profile I need to output sex as a "key" here (Male or Female, not M/F). How can I access these "key" values besides making huge get_sex and other getters for bigger arrays methods which won't be DRY at all? What can I do here?

Answer Source

You need to use rassoc method

sex = [["Male", "M"], ["Female", "F"]]
 => ["Male", "M"] 
 => "Male" 
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