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Python class: The data is somehow lost

I am trying to define a Python class which analyzes subreddit data via the praw package.

I am fairly experienced with OOP in C++, but have not had much experience with OOP in Python. Here is the code I have so far:

import praw
class SubRedditAnalyzer:

def __init__(self, reddit_session, name='dataisbeautiful'): = name # subreddit name
self.reddit_session = reddit_session # assign the reddit session
self.subreddit = self.reddit_session.get_subreddit( # create the subreddit object
self.timeframe = 'day'
self.max_post_count = 10
self.submissions = self.subreddit.get_top_from_hour(limit=10)

def __del__(self):
class_name = self.__class__.__name__
print class_name, "destroyed"

def get_top_submissions(self, max_post_count):

timeframe = self.timeframe

if (timeframe == 'hour'):
self.submissions = self.subreddit.get_top_from_hour(limit= max_post_count)
elif (timeframe == 'day'):
self.submissions = self.subreddit.get_top_from_day(limit= max_post_count)
elif (timeframe == 'week'):
self.submissions = self.subreddit.get_top_from_week(limit= max_post_count)
elif (timeframe == 'month'):
self.submissions = self.subreddit.get_top_from_month(limit= max_post_count)
elif (timeframe == 'year'):
self.submissions = self.subreddit.get_top_from_year(limit= max_post_count)
elif (timeframe == 'all'):
self.submissions = self.subreddit.get_top_from_all(limit= max_post_count)

def combine_titles(self):
titles = ""
for submission in self.submissions:
titles += submission.title
self.titles = titles

def display_titles(self):
counter = 1
ya = self.submissions
for sub in self.submissions:
sc = sub.score
ti = sub.title
print('T%d- [%d] %s \n' %(counter,sc,ti))
counter += 1

def main():
r = praw.Reddit('Request to fetch data by user')
sr = SubRedditAnalyzer(r, 'dataisbeautiful')
sr.get_top_submissions(15) # top 15 from reddit
sr.combine_titles() # combine the top titles
sr.display_titles() # display all the titles


For some unknown (to me) reason, it seems that the data in class 'sr' is lost after calling:


When I try to call this method, the data in class is empty:


In fact, I do see the message that the class is destroyed:

SubRedditAnalyzer destroyed

What is it that I am doing wrong?
In advance, thanks for your attention.

Answer Source

It seems that self.submissions may be an iterable but not a collection (e.g. a list). The docs call get_top_from_hour() a generator method (although they state also that what is returned is a list...). If it is indeed a generator method, the result can be iterated over only once. All other attempts at iteration will fail silently (the loop in display_titles() executes nothing).

So, the solution would be:

self.submissions = list(self.subreddit.get_top_from_hour(limit=10))

in __init__() to convert an iterable into a permanent collection (list) that can be iterated over multiple times.

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