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Can any one relate HTTPS with real life example?

I read about HTTP and HTTPS. Also understand the procedure. But looking for the scenario and solution applied on real life. So that it would be more clear to understand the benefits of both.

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HTTP is like a postcard: it an be read or modified by somebody else than the emitter or the receiver.

HTTPS is like a letter with a letter with a wax seal: it can't be modified without somebody notice it. And even better, it can only be read by the receiver.

You don't send postcards with your password on it.

The advantages of https for the client:

  • You have a strong confidence of who send the data (authentification)
  • The data cannot be modified between you and the server
  • Nobody in the network can read what the server sent you
  • The data you send to the server can only be read by the server and cannot be modified

The advantages of https for the server:

  • Nobody else than the client can read your answer
  • Your answer cannot be modified before it arrived to the client
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