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Java Question

How do implement this regex function in java?

The string should be 15 character maximum, composed of numbers only and there should be at least two one-character sized whitespace anywhere in the string.

It is easy to find the solution for numeric only, I'm getting stuck finding adding the condition for the whitespace.

I tried searching the most frequently asked regex question but couldn't find anything similar.


Additional conditions

  • whitespaces cannot be next to each other

  • they must not be placed in first or last character

Answer Source

You can use this regex: [0-9\s]{2,15}

And in your Java code you check if there are three parts separated by a whitespace:

String input =...;
if (input.matches("[0-9\\s]{2,15}") && (input.split(" ").length == 3) ) {
     System.out.println("valid input");     

Edited: Leading and ending whitespaces, connected whitespaces are not allowed

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