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Xcode 6 Storyboard Unwind Segue with Swift Not Connecting to Exit

When trying to connect a Navigation Bar Button to the Exit item of a ViewController in Xcode 6 (not really sure if it's an Xcode 6 problem but worth mentioning as it is in beta) it does not find the Swift function in the custom class.

Button to Exit with whip

The function it should be finding:

@IBAction func unwindToList(segue: UIStoryboardSegue) {


I made another button on the view just to make sure I could get an IBAction working with Swift and that I was writing it correctly. This works fine:

@IBAction func test(sender: AnyObject) {


I have seen this question that seems like the same issue but according to the answers there this should be working.

Xcode 6 is in beta and, of course, Swift is very new, but wanted to see if anyone has come across this before considering it a potential bug.

Answer Source

This is a known issue with Xcode 6:

Unwind segue actions declared in Swift classes are not recognized by Interface Builder

In order to get around it you need to:

  1. Change class MyViewController to @objc(MyViewController) class MyViewController
  2. Create an Objective-C header file with a category for MyViewController that redeclares the segue action.

    @interface MyViewController (Workaround)
    - (IBAction)unwindToMyViewController: (UIStoryboardSegue *)segue;
  3. In the storyboard, select the instance of MyViewController, clear its custom class, then set it back to MyViewController.

After these steps you are able to connect buttons to the exit item again.

Xcode 6 Release Notes PDF, Page 10

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