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Limit number of dynamically added Table Rows using JQuery

I am dynamically inserting a row into a table with JQuery using clone.

$('#Clone').click(function() {

//put jquery this context into a var
var $btn = $(this).parent();

//use .closest() to navigate from the buttno to the closest row and clone it
//use clone(true) to pass events to cloned item

var $clonedRow = $btn.closest('tr').clone(true).insertAfter($btn);


The end user will control the insertion of new rows. I need to limit the number of new rows to 5. Is there a way to do this with a cookie or some other method (array). I could have multiple tables with there own unique id so it needs to work with multiple tables on the page.

Hope you can help.

Answer Source

You could always simply use a variable for each table to track the number of added rows.

Or another alternative would be to use jQuery's data() method which allows you to store data in a dom element directly. The click event would find its table, and update the table's data() each time a row is added, and prevent further additions when it reaches the maximum.

EDIT: Corrected code with check to see if theCount is undefined, and to remove a mis-placed parentheses.

$('#Clone').click(function() {
    var $btn = $(this).parent();
    if($btn.closest('table').data('theCount') == undefined) {
        $btn.closest('table').data('theCount', 0)
    var currentCount = $btn.closest('table').data('theCount');

    if(currentCount < 5) {
        $btn.closest('table').data('theCount', currentCount + 1);

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