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HTTP Question

angular put code from a form into a [POST]

I have

var body = {username:"ali", password:"p"};'http://localhost:27017/user/auth', body).subscribe(data =>

How can I load up the variable body with some data-binding from a form? I'm just making a login - I have two fields, username and password that the user enters, and then that will go into the second .post() parameter.

Answer Source

html code

<input type="text"  id="username" required [(ngModel)]="user.username">
<input type="password"  id="password" required [(ngModel)]="user.password">
<button (click)="submit()">submit</button>

ts code

user={username:"", password:""};
const body = this.user;'http://localhost:27017/user/auth', body).subscribe(data => 

EDIT: You need of course to add test for the form for more information

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