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Exec format error: ./ after linux crash during intellij update

Intellij was updating and it stated the update was finished, prompting me to choose wether to get config from past installation or somewhere else. As I was about to click ok for the previous installation option, my whole system froze(kubuntu).The song I was listening to kept repeating the same second of music through the headphones. Maybe it was an overheat issue on my laptop? Anyway, had to hard reset it.

Now I can't open intellij. The icon is blank, clicking on it shows loading for a while, but then never does anything. Running the from terminal produces the aforementioned error.

What's the best course of action here, to save all my configurations and settings before reinstalling? Or is there a way to fix this without reinstall?

Answer Source

Make a clean installation from from the .tar.gz file available at the official downloads page.

Make sure to unpack into the empty directory (not on top of the previous version).

Check if you have the config folder for the new version already created. If it's present, remove it. This will make IntelliJ IDEA prompt you to import the settings from the previous version (make sure not to delete the config folder from the previous version you will be importing from).

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