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Android testing: is it correct implement "for Loop" in tests with Espresso?

I'm not sure that it is correct implement "for loop" in tests with Espresso. I want to test first child of all parents in ExpandableListView.
The potential code:

for(i = 0; i < length; i++){

Thanks a lot.

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Of course, why not? There are two thoughts I have on this.

A: What you've done is fine, good style, results in less code re-use etc.

B: I sometimes prefer code verbosity in test cases, for the sake of clarity of results. When my test cases fail, I want to know exactly why they failed, so I can quickly go back to my code and fix them. This is also the motivation of the "one assert per method" concept.

Think this: When this test case fails is it going to fail in a way that guides the developer to the proper functionality with clarity and ease?

If the answer to this question is yes, what else matters? Granted, this encompasses a lot! Maintaining generically good coding style in your test cases, good assertions with solid messages, and ensuring your asserts are placed to provide solid stack traces... just to name a few!

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