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Troubles after updating ipython (%matplotlib nbagg)

I installed anaconda distro, I usualy run

ipython notebook --pylab inline
. I updated
pip install
(windows 8.1) and I don't have to write --pylab inline to start anymore

I started writing in the cell:
%matplotlib nbagg
, but when I plot something it shows this empty box:
enter image description here

I was expecting the interactive plotting box.

The ipython log shows:

[IPKernelApp] ERROR | No such comm: 7cfe982045bb4d0db0f14deff7258130

cel cel
Answer Source

I guess this issue is caused by a too old version of matplotlib. Using %matplotlib nbagg with ipython>=3.0 requires matplotlib>=1.4.3 (Note that %matplotlib notebook and %matplotlib nbagg are now synonyms).

Updating matplotlib via pip install --upgrade matplotlib will probably fix this issue. See also my issue-7797 on github. Thanks to jenshnielsen for this information.

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