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jQuery Question

Click button on row of the table and show values in modal-window

I make a web site with bootstrap and bootstrap table. To add element into boostrap-table I using php. The problem is when I click to the edit button doesn't show on modal-window the values of the row that I clicked.

I think that the problem is in the jquery code. I doing different test with the debbug console of the browser and I have seen that when I clicked it doesn't get the values of the row. I try it another info in the console and I showed correctly, ex:


Please Could you help me to understand where is the problem?


<div class="row">
$conn = Conectarse("localhost", "5432", "addcom", "dbadmin", "Tibidabo");
$query = "SELECT * FROM produccion.ma_producto ORDER BY codigo ASC";
$result = pg_query($conn, $query);
//se despliega el resultado
?><table class='table-bordered' id='tableprod'

<thead class='thead-inverse'>
<th data-field='seleccion' data-switchable='false' data-checkbox='true'></th>
<th data-field='estado' data-switchable='false'></th>
<th data-field='edicion' data-sortable='true' data-visible='false'>EDICIÓ</th>
<th data-field='pagina' data-sortable='true'>PÀGINA</th>
<th data-field='codigo' data-sortable='true' data-switchable='false'>CODI</th>
<th data-field='image' data-switchable='false'>IMATGE</th>
<th data-field='descripcion-cat' data-sortable='true'>DESCRIPCIÓ CAT</th>
<th data-field='descripcion-esp' data-sortable='true'>DESCRIPCIÓ ESP</th>
<th data-field='marca' data-sortable='true'>MARCA</th>
<th data-field='gramaje' data-sortable='true'>GRAMATJE</th>
<th data-field='destacado' data-sortable='true' data-visible='false'>DESTACAT</th>
<th data-field='pvp-cat' data-sortable='true'>PVP-CAT</th>
<th data-field='pvp-lev' data-sortable='true'>PVP-LEV</th>
<th data-field='pvp-and' data-sortable='true'>PVP-AND</th>
<th data-field='pvp-cen' data-sortable='true'>PVP-CEN</th>
<th data-field='pvp-nor' data-sortable='true'>PVP-NOR</th>
<th data-field='pvp-vas' data-sortable='true'>PVP-VAS</th>
<th data-field='pvp-spar' data-sortable='true'>PVP-SPAR</th>
<th data-field='user' data-sortable='true' data-visible='false'>USER</th>
<th data-field='fecha-mod' data-sortable='true' data-visible='false'>FECHA-MOD</th>
<th data-field='edit' data-sortable='false' data-switchable='false'>EDIT</th>
<?php while ($row = pg_fetch_row($result)){ ?>
<tr id='<?php echo $row[0]; ?>'>
<?php echo $estado = EstadoIcon($row[2]); ?>
<td name='edicion'><?php echo $row[1] ?></td>
<td name='pagina'><?php echo $row[3] ?></td>
<td name='codigo'><?php echo $row[0] ?></td>
<?php echo $imatge = AddImage($row[9]); ?>
<td name='descripcion-cat'><?php echo $row[5] ?></td>
<td name='descripcion-esp'><?php echo $row[4] ?></td>
<td name='marca'><?php echo $row[6] ?></td>
<td name='gramaje'><?php echo $row[7] ?></td>
<td name='destacado'><?php echo $row[8] ?></td>
<td name='pvp-cat'><?php echo $row[10] ?></td>
<td name='pvp-lev'><?php echo $row[11] ?></td>
<td name='pvp-and'><?php echo $row[12] ?></td>
<td name='pvp-cen'><?php echo $row[13] ?></td>
<td name='pvp-nor'><?php echo $row[14] ?></td>
<td name='pvp-vas'><?php echo $row[15] ?></td>
<td name='pvp-spar'><?php echo $row[16] ?></td>
<td name='user'><?php echo $row[17] ?></td>
<td name='fecha-mod'><?php echo $row[18] ?></td>
<td><button class='btn btn-xs edit btn-edit' data-toggle='modal' data-target='#edit'><i class="material-icons" style="font-size: 20px">edit</i> </button></td>
<?php } ?>


var $table = $('#tableprod');

$('#tableprod').click(function() {

var $row = $(this).closest("tr"),

$tdata = $row.find("td");


$.each($tdata, function(index, value) {
alert ('Entró');
$( "input:eq(" + index + ")").val($(this).text());


Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

The click event should be associated with button not the table :

$('.btn-edit').click(function() {

            var $row = $(this).closest("tr"),

            $tdata = $row.find("td");


            $.each($tdata, function(index, value) {
                alert ('Entró');
                $( "input:eq(" + index + ")").val($(this).text());

Your edit button trigger the bootstrap modal : you could either remove data-toggle='modal' from your edit button and trigger the modal programatically in the click event $('#edit').modal('show') . Or use the modal events as follow

$('#edit').on('', function (event) {
  var $button = $(event.relatedTarget) // Button that triggered the modal
  var $row = $button.closest("tr"),

        $tdata = $row.find("td");


        $.each($tdata, function(index, value) {
            alert ('Entró');
            $( "input:eq(" + index + ")").val($(this).text());
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