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Python Question

Can I save a list in Memcache in Google-AppEngine in Python?

I want to save a list in MemCache in AppEngine with Python and I am having the next error :

TypeError: new() takes exactly 4 arguments (1 given).

This is the link of the image with the error :

And this is my code :

def get_r_post_relation(self, url, update = False) :
sufix = "r"
key = sufix + url
list_version = memcache.get(key)
if not list_version or update :
logging.error("LIST VERSION QUERY")
postobj = get_wiki_post(url)
list_version = WikiPostVersion.query().filter(WikiPostVersion.r_post == postobj.key)
memcache.set(key, list_version)
return list_version

Answer Source

You are not storing a list. You are storing a query object. To store a list, use .fetch():

list_version = WikiPostVersion.query().filter(WikiPostVersion.r_post == postobj.key).fetch()

You can store a simple query object, but when you add .order() or .filter(), you'll get a pickling error. Change to list, and you're all set.

Remember, a query object doesn't have any entities in it. It is simply a set of instructions that will go and retrieve the entities when used later with a .get() or .fetch(). So, you are trying to store a python command set, when your intention is to store the actual entity list.

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