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Javascript Question

Creating a javascript alert with php that has a php variable inside?

I'm making a form that is supposed to create a javascript alert when some fields aren't filled out or filled out properly. I want to be able to take the error messages I've put in a php variable and display them in the javascript alert window.

The following code does not work:

function died($error) {
echo '<script type="text/javascript"> alert('.$error.')</script>';

How can I add the string contained in
between the two "script" strings so it will output properly as a javascript alert?

Thank you!

Answer Source

You only forgot quotations that are required for the JavaScript alert.

If you passed 'hello' to the function, your current code would create alert as:


instead of doing:


Therefore, change your line to the following (two double quotes are added before and after concatenating $error):

echo '<script type="text/javascript">alert("'.$error.'");</script>';

and you can use your function:

died('error on whatever');
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