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Angular 2 EventEmitter performance

I'm working on web-app based on Angular 2. In Angular 1 we had two-way data-bindings, so services could be easily connected with page data using $scope (if we change something in service, data will be automatically updated).

In Angular 2 we have EventEmitter, I thought it's like Angular 1's $scope.$broadcast, so there could be performance issues with this.

What about performance of EventEmitters? Do they slow down application?

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Events emitted by EventEmitter don't bubble and also don't broadcast. EventEmitters are for binding from child to parent only.

For broadcasting use shared services.

See also
- https://angular.io/docs/ts/latest/cookbook/component-communication.html#!#bidirectional-service
- updating variable changes in components from a service with angular2
- Delegation: EventEmitter or Observable in Angular2

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