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Cancel an iOS release

I created a new version for the iOS app to prepare for some release. For some reason, I need to cancel this release and create a new release(skipping some versions).

I don't see any option to cancel a release before submitting it to app store. Is there any way it can be done before submitting for review.

Answer Source

The cool thing about iTunes Connect is that it lets you edit most metadata for an app that hasn't been reviewed yet.

First, click on your app version in the sidebar.

A screenshot of iOS app submission versions in the iTunes Connect sidebar

Then, scroll down. You'll see a textbox for your version number:

A cropped screenshot of the version and rating information in an iTunes Connect app entry

Just change that version to whatever version you want. The value in this text box is what is displayed to your users, but does not necessarily have to match the version number in your app's Info.plist.

This only works for an app that has a state of "Prepare For Submission" or "Waiting for Review".

If your app is waiting for review and you want to submit a new version, you'll see a banner at the top of that version's screen:

A screenshot of the iTunes Connect banner with a link to remove a version from review.

If your app is already submitted and approved, you'll need to submit a new version to the store.

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