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Label font size changing

So I am making a small game in visual basics and at one of the thing I need to do is change the label size following an If statement. Sadly, It seemed way more complicated than I expected... I tried the following but it is "Read only"

If condition = false then
lbltmp.Font.Size = 12pts
end if

I also Tried the following based on my friends advise:

With lbltmp.font
.size = 12
end with

I found similar question but they were all in c#, Which I don't know how to code in yet

Answer Source

You need to change font instead of its size ;) See this: LINQ Cookbook, Recipe 1: Change the font for all labels on a windows form (Kit George)

label.Font = New Font("Comic Sans MS", 12, _
                    FontStyle.Bold Or FontStyle.Underline)
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