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Python: Process file using multiple cores

I am currently trying to read a large file (80 million lines), where I need to make a computationally intensive matrix multiplication for each entry. After calculating this, I want to insert the result into a database. Because of the time intensive manner of this process, I want to split the file onto multiple cores to speed up the process.

After researching I found this promising attempt, which split a file into n parts.

def file_block(fp, number_of_blocks, block):
A generator that splits a file into blocks and iterates
over the lines of one of the blocks.


assert 0 <= block and block < number_of_blocks
assert 0 < number_of_blocks

file_size = fp.tell()

ini = file_size * block / number_of_blocks
end = file_size * (1 + block) / number_of_blocks

if ini <= 0:

while fp.tell() < end:
yield fp.readline()

Iteratively, you can call the function like this:

if __name__ == '__main__':
fp = open(filename)
number_of_chunks = 4
for chunk_number in range(number_of_chunks):
print chunk_number, 100 * '='
for line in file_block(fp, number_of_chunks, chunk_number):

While this works, I run into problems, parallelizing this using multiprocessing:

fp = open(filename)
number_of_chunks = 4
li = [file_block(fp, number_of_chunks, chunk_number) for chunk_number in range(number_of_chunks)]

p = Pool(cpu_count() - 1)

With the error being, that generators cannot be pickled.

While I understand this error, it is too expensive to first iterate over the whole file to put all lines into a list.

Moreover, I want to use blocks of lines per core per iteration, because it is more efficient to insert multiple lines into the database at once (instead of 1 by 1 if using the typical map approach)

Thanks for your help.


Instead of creating generators up front and passing them into each thread, leave that to the thread code.

def processChunk(params):
    filename, chunk_number, number_of_chunks = params
    with open(filename, 'r') as fp:
        for line in file_block(fp, number_of_chunks, chunk_number):

li = [(filename, i, number_of_chunks) for i in range(number_of_chunks)]
p.map(processChunk, li)