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Linux Question

How to add .so file to the java.library.path in Linux

I am working with a java application which needs a

file in java.library.path in windows. To run same application in Linux I have the respective
file which should be added to
in linux machine, I didnt find any easy solution for this so far

I did put the
in a folder which is already in the class path, but my application still complains there is no required
file in

I'd like to find:

  1. Ways to add

  2. How to know if its already added (when added)

Answer Source

Add the containing directory to LD_LIBRARY_PATH before launching the application

        export LD_LIBRARY_PATH = $LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/some/pathOfContainingDirectory

Use java -XshowSettings:properties to show the java.library.path (and others) value.

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