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What technique should I apply in creating articles in ASP.Net app

I am in search of a good workable and standard technique to use in creating articles for blog in I can create articles by saving all content to SQL server database but i don't know if it will be SEO friendly and also it will grow the size of the database.

Should i create new .aspx page for each article? (updating will be difficult)
I need a good option, any ideas? Thanks

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Well; creating a CMS is quite time-consuming. I've built a couple of .NET CMS's (and used several) and I can tell you, it's a lot of work to make something usable.

You could instead try using an existing free CMS (this would be my recommendation): -

Or you could try create one yourself: -

  • Create database table(s) designed to hold different types of content, i.e. BlogPost, Product, DynamicPage, etc

  • Make sure these tables have the kinds of fields you'll need to create content from: -

  • Title
  • MetaKeywords
  • MetaDescription
  • Precis
  • Content (make this big, like NVARCHAR(MAX))
  • Create admin pages that allow an admin user to create, update and delete items in these tables. You could use a WYSiWYG editor such as TinyMCE for the content. For example, your admin pages might be: -
 - Blog List
 - Blog Add/Edit
 - Product List
 - Product Add/Edit
  • Create front-end templates for these tables designed to display their content. These would be along the same lines as the admin pages, except you're displaying them in your public site, not your admin pages, so their page template names might be: -
  • Blogs.aspx
  • Blog.aspx
  • Products.aspx
  • Product.aspx
  • Figure out how to render menus and a footer from the same content

Sorry if that sounds a bit vague; your content requirements will probably be different and as I said, making a CMS can be quite a lot of work.

You could also try googling: -

Hope that helps friend

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