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Query with LINQ where Context matches multiple parameters from a List of Objects

Presumed I have a table "Article" with multiple columns, e.g.:

CREATE TABLE dbo.Article (
Id int NOT NULL,
ProducerId INT NOT NULL,
Barcode nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,
DescriptionText nvarchar(50) NOT NULL,

In my ASP.NET Core application I am using LINQ to query that table, e.g.:

IQueryable<Article> query = _context.Article
.Where( p => p.Active == true );

That works of course.
Now I am getting some parameter, which is a very simple Object with a List < ArticleQuery > or alternativly a IEnumerable < ArticleQuery >.


public class ArticleQuery
public IEnumerable<ArticleRequest> Parts { get; set; }

public class ArticleRequest
public int ProducerId { get; set; }
public string Barcode { get; set; }

Actually I have no clue how to integrate that into LINQ. I tried lots of stuff, but in the end I never figured out to get something like this join:

IQueryable<Article> query = _context.Article
x => new { a = x.Barcode, b = x.Barcode},
y => new { a = y.ProducerId, b = y.ProducerId},
(x, y) => x);

Also this pseudo-code didn't work (but the Join seems to be the better try):

IQueryable<Article> query = _context.Article.Where( p =>
p.Active == true &&
articleQuery.ArticleRequest.ProducerId.Contains(p.ProducerId) &&

Any ideas how that works correctly?

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