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Formatting negative currency ReactJS

I am new to React and I am using react-intl library for formatting dates, currency. Currently, for the negative amount I get -$999.99, but I want it to look like this ($999.99)

How can I achieve this? This is what I am using currently

<IntlProvider locale='en-ca'>
<FormattedNumber value={someAmount} style='currency' currency='CAD' />

Thanks in advance

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I don't know how you're handling the $, but if it is added separately - meaning that someAmount is equal to -999.99 then you could write a simple convert function.

function format(num){
    return (num<0) ? '('+Math.abs(num)+')' : num;

Then call it


Probably, your fuction will be defined in a React class so format: function(num){...} and you will need to call it accordingly, but I don't see the rest of your React module.

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