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Javascript Question

Bootstrap Datetimepicker set date

I am using a datetimepicker from Eonasdan which works fine so far.

I have a HTML element like this

<div id="datetimepicker"></div>

and use the datetimepicker function like this:

inline: true,
sideBySide: true,
stepping: 5,
locale: "de"

The result looks like this:
enter image description here

I want to update the date via Javascript using the date function. My try looks like this:


Unfortunately this only returns a large object and does not alter the visible date in any way. This object is returned

Object { destroy: c/l.destroy(), toggle: c/ha(), show: c/ga(), hide: c/ba(),
disable: c/l.disable(), enable: c/l.enable(), ignoreReadonly: c/l.ignoreReadonly(),
options: c/l.options(), date: c/l.date(), format: c/l.format(), 40 weitere… }

Using a different time format or taking only date and no time or whatsoever does not help either.

None of the suggested solutions I found on various websites have solved my problem. I don't know whether I have to update the element? If so, how do I do it? I could not find any hint in the docs...

It is not an option to use the defaultDate since I need to do this process twice with two different dates.

Answer Source

As per documentation you can use string, Date, moment, null, string and Date examples are below. Note default picker format.

$('#datetimepicker1').data("DateTimePicker").date(new Date())


$('#datetimepicker1').data("DateTimePicker").date('1/11/2016 12:23:12')
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