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Javascript Question

Bootstrap Datetimepicker set date

I am using a datetimepicker from Eonasdan which works fine so far.

I have a HTML element like this

<div id="datetimepicker"></div>

and use the datetimepicker function like this:

inline: true,
sideBySide: true,
stepping: 5,
locale: "de"

The result looks like this:
enter image description here

I want to update the date via Javascript using the date function. My try looks like this:


Unfortunately this only returns a large object and does not alter the visible date in any way. This object is returned

Object { destroy: c/l.destroy(), toggle: c/ha(), show: c/ga(), hide: c/ba(),
disable: c/l.disable(), enable: c/l.enable(), ignoreReadonly: c/l.ignoreReadonly(),
options: c/l.options(), date: c/l.date(), format: c/l.format(), 40 weitere… }

Using a different time format or taking only date and no time or whatsoever does not help either.

None of the suggested solutions I found on various websites have solved my problem. I don't know whether I have to update the element? If so, how do I do it? I could not find any hint in the docs...

It is not an option to use the defaultDate since I need to do this process twice with two different dates.


As per documentation you can use string, Date, moment, null, string and Date examples are below. Note default picker format.

$('#datetimepicker1').data("DateTimePicker").date(new Date())


$('#datetimepicker1').data("DateTimePicker").date('1/11/2016 12:23:12')