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How to refresh real-time data retrieved from REST server with angularjs?

I would like to retrieve table data from a REST backend server with angularjs. The data changes by the second. I would like to use angularjs to refresh the data as it changes in real-time. How can this be done? Do I force angularjs to make ajax calls at regular time intervals to refresh the data display?

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Yeah with REST there's no other way then polling. To refresh the data itself in the browser view you can use $rootScope.$apply() in the service (I presume that you're using a service to get the data), first you have to inject the dependency of $rootScope of course.

EDIT Actually you shouldn't use $rootScope.$apply(), because it can lead to ugly $digest in progress errors. Instead use

  // set data here...

A tip for improvement if you're not happy with the polling and if you have programmed the backend or are in position to change it, is: Try to use WebSockets:

  • It gets rid of the polling, because then your browser can communicate directly to the server.
  • It has less overhead.
  • It is supported in the major browsers and you can use libraries with fallback mechanisms like SocketIO

The server can then always push the data right then, when it's available. The server-side implementation depends on the backend you are using, but most backend frameworks/servers nowadays also support websockets.

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