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Python Question

How to load a CSV into IPython notebook

I have a csv file ready to load into my python code, however, I want to load it into the following format:

data = [[A,B,C,D],

How would I go about loading a .csv file that is readable as a numpy array? e.g., simply using previous tutorials plays havoc with using:

data = np.array(data)

Failing that, I would just like to upload my csv file (e.g. 'dual-Cored.csv' as data = dual-Cored.csv)

Answer Source

The simplest solution is just:

import numpy as np

data = np.loadtxt("myfile.csv")

As long as the data is convertible into float and has an equal number of columns on each row, this works.

If the data is not convertible into float in some column, you may write your own converters for it. Please see the numpy.loadtxt documentation. It is really very flexible.

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