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Java Question

JPQL limit query

How can I limit in a select query of JPQL named query? I need the limit to be done in the query level itself and not in the java layer!!!
I am trying to use

@NamedQueries(value = {
@NamedQuery(name = UserNotification.QueryName.NOTIFICATION_DISPLAYED,
query = "SELECT un FROM UserNotification un " +
"WHERE un.orgId IN (:orgList) " +
"AND = :userId LIMIT 5")

but in vain!!!

Please suggest

Answer Source

JPQL does not provide a mechanism to limit queries. This is most often achieved by using the setMaxResults() method on the Query. If you must avoid specifying this in Java code, you could make a view in the database that contains your query and performs the limit. Then map an entity to this view as you would a table.


List<String> resultList= query.setMaxResults(100).getResultList();
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