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Python Question

Remove following duplicates in a list

I have lists of arbitrary size. This is an example:

ax = ('0','1','1','1','2','2','2','3')

For x axis labeling I want to convert this list to:

ax = ('0','1','','','2','','','3')

So duplicates should be erased while the list size should stay the same. Is their an easy way to do that?

Answer Source
In [12]: seen = set()

In [13]: [x if x not in seen and not seen.add(x) else '' for x in ax]
Out[13]: ['0', '1', '', '', '2', '', '', '3']

This is a slightly modified version of a uniquifier suggested by Dave Kirby, here.

seen.add(x) adds x to the set seen. The seen.add method returns None. So in a boolean context, (since bool(None) is False), not seen.add(x) is always True. Therefore the condition

x not in seen and not seen.add(x)

has a boolean value equal to

x not in seen and True

which is equivalent to

x not in seen

So the conditional expression

x if x not in seen and not seen.add(x) else ''

returns x if x is not already in seen and returns '' if x is already in seen (and x then gets added to seen).

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