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Android Question

android import android-async-http-master have error

I got an android project from github named android-async-http-master, this is the download link : https://github.com/loopj/android-async-http
but when I import the project to eclipse, it have an error.

I got errors like this:

import cz.msebera.android.httpclient.Header;
import cz.msebera.android.httpclient.HeaderElement;

so my problem is : the project package name is
is the cz.msebera.android.httpclient

Answer Source

you must download this jar cz.msebera.android and then import to your project

if you using android studio just using compile 'cz.msebera.android:httpclient:4.3.6' in your .gradle depedencies

hope it help

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