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Gitweb: How I see source code in tree view with color

I use gitweb.

In the tree view I see my source code. But this code is all in black, I like configurated to added highlight

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To enable syntax highlighting in 'blob' view in modern gitweb, you need

  1. Have highlight program installed (the one from 'highlight' package, not from 'source-highlight' or 'src-highlight'; they are different programs).

  2. Configure gitweb to enable source highlighting. This can be done by adding the following line

    $feature{'highlight'}{'default'} = [1];

    to gitweb configuration file for your installation, usually /etc/gitweb.conf.

    See "Configuring gitweb features" section in gitweb.conf manpage (and said manpage in general), the part about 'highlight' feature, or relevant lines in gitweb sources.

    Note: if you use gitweb with persistent web server environment, like mod_perl, FastCGI or PSGI, you might need to restart gitweb script if it is configured to read configuration only once.

Original response (historical)

It is currently not supported, but take a look at gitweb/web branch of my git/jnareb-git.git repository - those two commits adding syntax highlighting to gitweb were sent to git mailing list (as RFC = Request For Comments patches). Those patches use highlight tool from

You can try to cherry pick those two commits: 5f7b6461 and 4edcf10d.

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